Yvette Denise McGill aka theEXCHANGE was born January 2 1968 to the BEST of George and Rhody Ward.  She is the wife of William McGill Jr., mother of Kayla Edwards and Jada McIntosh but most importantly the MiMi of Khi Douglas Edwards.


She is the CEO of Malachi Management LLC in which 3 businesses successfully function. She teaches Anger Control, Theft, Parenting and Domestic Violence classes under Malachi Management.  She is owner and operator of Our 2 Scents with her husband which is a perfume and cologne business and last but not least is the #theEXCHANGE this business consist of her being an author, motivational speaker and transformational coach. She has written 6 books, Boss’d up on Purpose, #theEXCHANGE, It’s not that easy, stop telling me to get over it and Soulful Prayers, #theEXCHANGEcontinues, Soulful Affirmations.   


She is an active member of Macedonia Miss Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor A W Colbert.  


For many years she felt as though she was a dream deferred however at some point her dreams and hunger for more, overpowered her fear and won.  She is commissioned to see healthy people help other people.  Her ultimate desire is to get back to GOD as close as to how HE sent her here, with as few sins as possible and a blessing to everyone who encounters her. 


2Timothy 1:7 is her favorite scripture 

"For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind."