About #theExchange

Are you struggling with telling your truth? Do you have unresolved childhood issues? Are you feeling as though you have more responsibility for which you are not responsible for or God has forsaken you? Then you have picked up the right book. #theExchange is a book where I share a few personal stories with the hopes of you seeing life the way God intended it to be for you and how to know for sure the fight is fixed, he paid it all, already. If you have dealt with anything like this, you will find this book to be exactly what you need. Please allow me to exchange my truth for your transformation.


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About Yvette D. McGille

Yvette D. McGill resides in Texas with her husband William, Daughters Kayla, Jada and grandson, Khi. She is the successful owner of Malachi Management LLC which embodies 4 other businesses. Malachi Learning Center, Our2Scents and #theExchange. She is a faithful member of the Macedonia Baptist Church in Galveston, TX. She has over 10 years of experience as an Anger Control Coach which includes parenting, theft and domestic violence classes. She is certified as a motivational speaker through the Les Brown Institute. Last but not least, she is an author and transformational coach.